The Voice of Steve Cilurzo
ANGEL EYES - Flowbee Announcer

"Angel Eyes" Starring Jennifer Lopez (2001) - Featuring Steve Cilurzo as the "Flowbee Announcer". The video clip featured in this scene was taken directly from the original Informercial titled "The Flowbee Home Hair Cutting Show". Clip courtesy of Warner Brothers Pictures.

Steve Cilurzo was the voice over announcer of the world famous Flowbee Informercial and he wrote the copy as well in 1993. Many comedy take-offs, such as "Wayne's World" poked fun at the Flowbee. David Letterman also used the Flowbee as a comedy spring board.

Steve Cilurzo is from Los Angeles and is a Voice Over Actor/Artist in the greater Southern California area. Steve uses Source-Connect, ipDTL, Source-Connect Now, ISDN, Skype or self directed from his studio. Any delivery format required with fast turnaround service.

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